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Did you know that chiropractors provide treatment for approximately 35 million Americans every year?

That number proves that many people in the U.S. need chiropractic treatment. If you are feeling pain in your neck or back, you might be among those who need to visit a chiropractor. They can help ease some of the pain and adjust your spine to benefit your overall health.

In partnership with local chiropractors in Clearwater, FL, we at Advanced Chiropractors Group are here to provide access to proper chiropractic care to reduce the discomfort and hassle people experience due to recurring aches and pains.

Some reasons to see a chiropractor are:


Limited Motion

Struggling to do simple things — such as wearing your shirt, pulling your seat belt, and picking up things from the floor — is a sign that you need to visit a chiropractor in Clearwater, FL. Chiropractors assess and identify the reason for your limited motions and provide you with the proper treatment you need.


Recurring Headaches

Visiting a chiropractor in Clearwater, FL, is a great option to consider for those suffering from recurring headaches. Proper chiropractic care relieves the pressure on the spine and neck that can otherwise cause headaches and migraines. Instead of relying on medications that might cause some side effects, chiropractors provide you with an all-natural treatment to prevent your headaches from recurring.


Injury Recovery

Are you recovering from an accident? If so, chiropractic treatment can help you relieve the pain and speed up your recovery, regardless if you fell from a tree or slipped while taking a bath. Chiropractors realign your spine to relieve the pressure on your tensed muscles and nerves for immediate comfort and relief.



Many people think that tingling and numbness in different parts of the body are normal; however, these might indicate a more serious health problem. Injuries to your nerves and pressure on your spine can cause tingling and numbness in different parts of the body, like your feet, fingers, arms, and legs. If you are experiencing this tingling numbness, consult a chiropractor in Clearwater, FL.


Stagnant Work

Sitting at your desk all day at work can degenerate and misalign your spine. Sitting for long hours puts too much pressure on your spine that no good posture can ease. Prevent issues caused by sitting all day from developing into serious problems with chiropractic care.


Active Lifestyle

You experience pressure and strain and become more prone to injuries with an active lifestyle. This is enough reason to visit a chiropractor in Clearwater, FL. They can educate you on what you can do to prevent injuries and treat them when they happen.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons people resort to chiropractic care. If the medications you are taking no longer stave off the pain, it might be time to consider visiting a chiropractor. As experts in determining the cause of chronic pain, they can provide you with the appropriate treatment. Opt for regular visits to keep your muscles and joints healthy.


Poor Posture

Walking, sitting, and doing other activities without practicing proper posture can misalign your spine. Continuing to do so leads to serious issues such as recurring back pain, neck pain, headaches, and many more. If you or anyone in your family has bad posture, consider visiting a family chiropractor in Clearwater, FL.

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What To Expect From a
Chiropractic Visit

Visiting a local chiropractor in Clearwater, FL, for the first time can make some people nervous. Don’t worry, we have prepared a guide for you so you’ll know what to expect from your first chiropractic visit.

Discussion of Medical History

During your chiropractic visit, the first thing you can expect is a discussion about your medical history. You have to tell the chiropractor why you need help, past injuries, medications, health conditions, and lifestyle. They will use all these to determine the proper treatment for you after the physical assessment.


The chiropractor in Clearwater, FL, will ask you to walk, move, or perform other tasks to assess your physical condition. They might also examine your spine and muscle strength. If needed, they might also check your blood pressure and perform an x-ray.


You can receive chiropractic treatment as early as your first visit. Your chiropractor will prepare a specific treatment plan for you based on the information you provided and findings from the assessment, which might include spinal adjustments and massage therapies.


Chiropractic care does not end with treatment. A chiropractor in Clearwater, FL, might give you a list of exercises or advice that you need to do at home to prevent health issues due to a misaligned spine from reoccurring.

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