ACG Dynarom Lumbar Testing

What Is DynaROM?

If you have an injury or if you have been in an accident, you are likely to undergo magnetic resonance imaging to see if there are any internal injuries. However, something much better has just come out. The DynaROM or Dynamic Range of Motion is the latest advancement in diagnostic technology that is said to be more efficient than an MRI.

It is a class II diagnostic tool that passed a series of tests by the FDA to prove its effectiveness. Medical professionals can use it to measure the exact extent of a soft tissue injury. This equipment can effectively diagnose how much pain a person is experiencing. It measures muscle guarding and range of motion using electrodes.

On top of that, it can also find out what happens to your muscle when it is relaxing and contracting. It can also measure the quality of your motion. The DynaROM results are measured by microvolts. This also utilizes surface electromyography to ascertain if there are any injuries to the muscle.

What Is the Difference Between DynaROM and Traditional Endpoint ROM?

The traditional endpoint ROM doesn’t produce results that are as extensive as the results of a DynaROM. Both the traditional endpoint ROM and DynaROM can produce results in the same timeframe. However, the DynaROM can measure muscle guarding and range in motion, thereby knowing if there is any soft tissue injury.

ACG Dynarom Testing
ACG Dynarom Testing

How Can DynaROM Be Beneficial to You?

When you have an accident, making an insurance claim can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes, insurance investigators will rule out or deny payments due to a lack of proof that there is an injury. This has happened to many people in the past because magnetic resonance imaging couldn’t detect their soft tissue injuries.

The extensive results of a DynaROM are something that insurance companies cannot contest. It is a valid court document that shows detailed graphs of the injuries. The American Medical Association also honors and approves these. This has also been included in the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Once the DynaROM test results prove that someone is injured, they will get the insurance claim that they are entitled to.

What Conditions Can a DynaROM Detect?

A DynaROM assessment can detect a lot of conditions or injuries. Here are a few of them.

If you are in pain and no test or scan could determine its source, maybe it’s time that you consider getting a DynaROM assessment. It can be difficult to do your everyday tasks if you are in constant pain and don’t know how to manage it.
ACG Dynarom Testing

We, at Advanced Chiropractors Group, can directly connect you to qualified chiropractors who are equipped to conduct this state-of-the-art technology - the DynaROM assessment. This will prove beneficial to your overall well-being. You won’t have to worry about proving any injuries that an MRI can’t detect. Book an appointment with us, and we’ll help you out!

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