Leg Length Inequality

Do you or someone you know have a leg that is shorter than the other? It’s a condition known as leg length discrepancy. The difference in length may range from just a few centimeters to several inches. Read this article and learn more about this condition.

Leg length inequality is something that can happen to a person for a variety of reasons. One common cause is aging. Others can be due to accidents, trauma, fractured plates, and many more.

Did you also know that some of your daily habits can contribute to leg length inequality? If you have been carrying your bags in one shoulder for a long time or sitting while your wallet is in your back pocket, a leg length discrepancy can happen. You should know that if you don’t have it treated, it can worsen over time. Also, medications may not be enough and can even make it worse.

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What Are the Symptoms of Leg Length Inequality?

Leg length inequality may not present as a big problem at first. However, the pain that you feel might be associated with the worsening condition of leg length discrepancy. Now, what are the symptoms of leg length inequality?

Note that the symptoms listed here are not complete and it is best to seek professional medical advice. If you suspect that you are suffering from leg length discrepancy, you can go to a licensed chiropractor.

Why Does Leg Length Matter?

When you see a licensed chiropractor, they sometimes notice any leg length discrepancy at first look. However, they will conduct a thorough assessment to know where the misalignment is.

Your leg length plays an important role in your overall well-being. What most people don’t know is any spinal misalignment can cause interruption between the messages sent from your brain throughout your body. This might result in more serious complications and dysfunction in your system.

Even though the difference between your leg length might be small, it can still cause unevenness in your structure. If that tiny difference isn’t treated, it will lead to a more extreme imbalance in your body’s overall structure. It is best to undergo the necessary chiropractic treatment.

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How Is Leg Length Inequality Treated?

There are several treatment options available for leg length discrepancy. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, you can opt for braces or surgery. If you are looking for something non-invasive, chiropractic treatment is the perfect option for you.

A licensed chiropractor will conduct a thorough assessment to identify whether a person has anti-symmetry or fluctuating asymmetry. This will help them determine the best treatment plan for you. They will also conduct tests to know if the misalignment caused any neurological disruptions.

Once the location of the misalignment has been determined, a chiropractor will walk you through the techniques and any lifestyle changes that you have to do to make the healing process faster. You may have to undergo different spinal manipulations to correct the leg length discrepancy.

We, at Advanced Chiropractors Group, can connect you with licensed chiropractors in your area if you or your loved ones suffer from any symptoms of leg length inequality. It will be much easier for anyone to get this treated early on. Know that if you ignore any minor discomfort, it can lead to a more serious condition. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than ready to accommodate you!

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