On Site Digital X-Rays

Regular physical check-ups are important to ensure better health care. Whenever you experience injuries or physical trauma, having digital x-rays will make it easier for the doctor to understand the problem and make a correct diagnosis.

With the innovation of traditional x-rays comes digital x-rays, a more accurate radiographic image, allowing medical professionals to look into physical injuries and be able to rotate, zoom, and adjust the quality of the image. This makes it easier for chiropractors to analyze injuries and provide their patients with the best treatment.

ACG What Are Digital X-rays

What are Digital X-rays?

X-ray machines are used to create visual images of the bone structure for an effective diagnosis of any physical issue. Over the years, x-ray models have evolved to produce better image quality. Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays don’t need film because they use sensors to capture the image of the bones and tissues inside the body and project it on a computer screen. With the advancement of technology, chiropractors can now analyze digital images of bone.

Digital x-rays allow the chiropractors to work quickly by producing the results almost automatically so they can determine what chiropractic treatment will be best for the patient’s physical condition. Patients can also get the copy of their x-ray results through CDS and keep the quality of the image. On-site digital x-rays have a lot of benefits in chiropractic treatments. These include the following:

1. Quick Diagnosis

Digital x-rays do not require any materials used by traditional x-rays. They do not need any film, nor do the images need to cure. The procedure simply needs the machine to capture the image, and the rest of the process is done digitally. This gives chiropractors the benefit of zooming and controlling the density of the image for a better and more accurate reading, so they can give their diagnosis right away.

With on-site digital x-rays, you won’t have to come back or wait another day before getting your results. Digital results are ready almost instantly. With quick diagnosis, the patients will immediately be informed about their condition and what chiropractic treatment will work best for them.

ACG Quick Diagnosis X-rays

2. Uncovering Unknown Health Issues

Traditional x-rays focus on one area of the body at a time, which means they limit the scope of the x-ray and possibly miss some important issues. Digital x-rays have a larger scope of vision. Chiropractors can easily zoom in and rotate in order to see the issues properly. With high-quality images, you can be sure that any condition can be accurately diagnosed.

Uncovering unknown health issues is crucial in treating existing issues and preventing future health issues from arising. Treating any health issue right away is one of the most important uses of on-site digital x-rays.

3. Reduced Exposure to Radiation

One of the setbacks of traditional x-rays is that it can expose the patient to radiation. With digital x-rays, radiation exposure is reduced by 80%. Exposure to radiation can lead to major diseases such as cancer and skin irritation.

If a patient is undergoing chiropractic treatment, they will need to do an occasional x-ray exam to determine whether the bone structure is improving or not. Since digital x-rays have less radiation, the patients will be completely safe from too much exposure. This will make the process easy and safe, and will ultimately benefit the patient.

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