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How Chiropractors Can Help Save You From a Sedentary Lifestyle

The human body was created to move.

Consider how many hours you sit each day— on the train or in the car on the way to work, sitting at work for 8 hours, sitting in your lunch break, sitting on your commute home, and then sitting down on the couch to relax after a long day.

How does one beat the causes of a sedentary lifestyle? Rapid technological advances have reduced people’s physical activity. Machines and vehicles now move for everyone, and they can work in jobs that don’t require much movement. People don’t have enough reason to move, so they tend to spend more time sitting.

Not many people know about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Advanced Chiropractors Group is here to enlighten you about the benefits offered by chiropractic care.

What Is a Sedentary Lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle is defined as sitting down for more than six hours per day without following the recommended physical exercise guidelines. The Sedentary Behavior Research Network says that any time someone is sitting down or lying down (i.e., watching TV, using a computer, or driving a car) is considered sedentary.

Studies also show that high levels of sedentary behavior adversely impact our health.

What Are the Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Sedentary living adversely impacts our health and is becoming a significant public health problem. Despite being associated with a wide range of chronic conditions, sedentary lifestyles seem to be more widespread in many countries.

Recent research confirms the health risks associated with sedentary living. Studies have consistently shown that sedentary activities can result in:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Early death
  • Obesity
  • Type II diabetes
  • Weaker bones
  • Reduced metabolism
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Decreased endurance

Sitting is now the new smoking; a sedentary lifestyle is linked to higher rates of premature death and health risks.

You should also remember the connection between movement and back problems. The chances of back pain are greater if you don’t move as much as you should. Sitting too often can cause the back muscles to become stiffer and weaker, increasing the pressure on the spinal disks. It also decreases circulation to the spine, which puts pressure on the back, leading to pinched nerves and herniation.

You may be experiencing back pain because you have not been moving enough. The good news is that chiropractors are well-trained to help you get relief from sedentary lifestyle effects.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Sedentary Individuals?

Your spine is at risk if you spend a lot of time on your computer or slumbering on a sofa. Staying in one position for too long leads people to assume poor postures that negatively impact their health more than they realize.

Poor posture can result in chronic spinal misalignment, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause spinal subluxations that are subtle and difficult to spot without professional help. The effect of spinal misalignment on neural integrity or flow can cause serious health issues.

Spine health is something that chiropractors are very familiar with, and they can address these problems to unlock your body’s full potential and beat the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Their first step is correcting misalignments.

Why Is Proper Spinal Alignment Important?

Your chiropractor will help you restore your spine’s alignment and avoid the adverse health effects of sedentary living on your body while considering your lifestyle and needs. They may also offer massages, regular adjustments, education, exercises, and more.

The ultimate goal of chiropractors is to help you manage your health holistically. They can align your spine correctly to help you feel more energetic and motivated to incorporate more movement and activity into your sedentary lifestyle.

What Can Sedentary Individuals Do on Top of Chiropractic Care?

An active lifestyle dramatically reduces the risk of sedentary living. Aside from chiropractic care, here are some things that can help you lead a more active lifestyle and reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle:

1. Increase Physical Activity

Research has shown that exercise, sports, and other physical activities help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even premature death.

Evidence also shows that exercising improves mental well-being. A 2018 study found that people who exercise reported having fewer mental problems than those who didn’t.

Running for at least 30 minutes a week is the minimum amount of physical activity required. You may also try 30-minute strength training sessions each week.

2. Reduce Time Spent Being Sedentary

While physical activity is essential, it is dangerous to spend too much time sitting down. Cut down the time you spend sitting down by trying the following:

  • During television commercials, get up and move around.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Stand or walk during breaks.
  • Walk around when taking phone calls.
  • Choose to stand on public transport.
  • Spend some of your free time being active aside from playing video games or watching TV.
  • Invest in a standing desk.
  • When you do routine tasks such as brushing your teeth, walk around your home.
  • Go for a long, leisurely walk with your dog once a day.
  • While watching TV, you can walk on a treadmill.
  • Start doing yard work like raking leaves, planting flowers, or mowing your lawn.

How Active Should You Be?

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate level exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week. You can combine them both, especially if you do it throughout the week.

Sometimes, exercising for an hour or even half an hour is overwhelming. You can break up your activity by doing it throughout the day. However, you should aim for no less than 10 minutes.

For example, try 10 minutes each morning, 10 minutes before lunch, and 10 minutes at night. This will give you a total time of 30 minutes.

Lead a Better Life With Advanced Chiropractors Group

Beat sedentary lifestyle effects with chiropractic care.

If you’re looking for licensed chiropractors in Clearwater, FL, contact Advanced Chiropractors Group. We have a network of professionals that can help improve your life. Live healthily and move more with us!

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