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It's not uncommon to think of visiting a chiropractor in Avon, CO, when experiencing back pain or neck pain.

Sometimes, this is caused by our bad habits. We might be unaware that we have them, but they can cause discomfort and pain.

Regular visits to a local chiropractor in Avon, CO, are a great idea. Not only do they treat your pain, but they also realign your body to prevent further pain.

They also identify and recommend solutions to bad habits you might be doing like:

  • Wearing bad shoes, such as high heels, espadrilles, and flip-flops;
  • Carrying a shoulder bag on the same shoulder for a long time;
  • Putting a thick wallet in your back pocket and then sitting down;
  • Looking down on your phone for extended periods; and
  • Not being mindful of your position when sitting down, standing up, or laying down.

Back pain is not the only telling sign that you need to visit your family chiropractor in Avon, CO. Keep an eye out for these other signs:

Frequent Headaches

If you suffer from intense headaches or migraines, and none of your medications seem to work, the cause might not be something they can treat.

There are different reasons you experience recurring headaches like malnutrition, dehydration, or a misalignment in your spine or neck. When you visit a chiropractor, they assess your condition to determine the reason for your headaches. After that, they will perform the necessary adjustments like spinal manipulation to relieve the pain and improve blood flow to increase the amount of oxygen to the brain. They might also recommend changes in your diet for an overall improvement of your health.

Chronic Back Pain

Bad posture, prolonged standing or sitting, and job type are some reasons why an individual experiences chronic back pain.

It can affect the quality of life and make you consider surgery or strong pain medications. Consider stopping by your local chiropractor in Avon, CO, first; they can come up with a non-invasive treatment plan for you.

Limited Range of Motion

You might notice less flexibility in your arms and legs or pain in turning your head and neck. When you notice that your body no longer functions as well as it did, it's a telling sign that you're due for a visit to your chiropractor.

Chiropractors will perform tests to measure your range of motion using devices like an inclinometer or goniometer. They will come up with a specific treatment plan for you and, depending on the severity of the problem, require you to return for follow-ups and treatment sessions.

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