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Do you find yourself holding onto something to help you stand up a lot more than usual? Is your migraine so bad that your medications don't seem to work?

If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to try a different approach — chiropractic care. Advanced Chiropractors Group is here to talk about the wonders of chiropractic, what it treats, and how to choose the best local chiropractor in Denver, CO.

What Is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors in Denver, CO, diagnose and treat neuromuscular conditions by manually adjusting or manipulating the spine to realign it, allowing your body to self-heal. They do not perform surgery or prescribe medications.

What Do They Treat?

Chiropractic care focuses on finding the root cause of the pain and eliminating it for natural healing to occur. Chiropractors in Denver, CO, commonly address:

  1. Back Pain: This is probably the most common reason people turn to chiropractic care. It happens when you lift too much weight, perform strenuous activities, or twist your body incorrectly.
  2. Neck Pain: If not caused by an injury, manipulation is an effective way to relieve pain.
  3. Tension Headaches: These are felt in the back of the head and neck, often triggered by bad posture and stress. Your chiropractor in Denver, CO, can teach you healthy ways of coping with stress and maintaining good posture as they perform neck adjustments.
  4. Migraines: Their exact cause remains unknown. Food, smells, or lights usually trigger them. Spinal manipulation helps decrease pain and frequency.
  5. Whiplash: Often caused by car accidents, this neck sprain causes stiffness and pain.
  6. Shoulder Pain: Along with frozen shoulders, it is often relieved by chiropractic care and stretching.
  7. Knee Pain: This is caused by the wear and tear of the knees.
  8. Sacroiliac Pain: This is pain felt at the back of the thighs or in the buttocks.
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How To Choose a Chiropractor for You?

Chiropractic treatments involve a physical approach and different techniques; knowing what qualities to look for in your chiropractor is essential. Some chiropractors perform firm yet quick manipulation, while others do it lighter. Some use only their hands, while others use assistive instruments.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best chiropractor in Denver, CO:


Ask For a Referral or Testimony

Ask your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone you trust if they know any chiropractor in Denver, CO, who they strongly recommend and if they have experienced undergoing such treatments with them. Trusted doctors are also good sources of recommendations.


Read Reviews

If you can't find any recommendations from your circle, check online reviews. Reviews from previous patients can give you an idea of what your chiropractic visit will be like.

The overall experience with the chiropractic practice is generally the same — scheduling, waiting time, environment, and staff friendliness. Keep these in mind while going through patients' reviews.


Check for Credentials

One of the most important details you should look for in your chiropractor in Denver, CO, is their credentials. They are proof that the chiropractor you're going to work with is qualified to provide treatment and equipped with the right skills, training, and knowledge. A history of malpractice is a definite no-no.

In the United States, chiropractors have to pass the National Board examination to gain a license to practice chiropractic care. Before they even take the exam, they have to complete a three-year undergraduate program and a four-year Doctor of Chiropractic degree program from an accredited Council on Chiropractic Education institution. All states require continuing education classes for chiropractors.


Check Experience

The longer the experience and higher the chiropractor's reputation, the better chance you get the best results.


Ask For a Free Consultation

Once you have narrowed down your choices, start with those that offer free consultations. They provide an excellent opportunity to see how the clinic works, conduct interviews, watch how the staff and chiropractors interact, and observe the overall environment and atmosphere of the practice.

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