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There are things in your daily life that affect the health of your spine, like posture.

Maintaining good posture is not easy. People sometimes feel comfortable slouching, not noticing that they’ve been in the same position for hours. They don’t think much about it until they feel lower back pain.

If you’re someone with neck and lower back pain, there’s something in your lifestyle that needs to change. To do that, you have to understand your bad habits that hurt your spine. The chiropractors in Vail, CO, can help with that and more.

Some things that affect your body’s alignment are:

Your Bed

Your bed is where you rest after a long day. However, it might be one of the culprits responsible for your back pain. The life span of your mattress is about nine to ten years; seven years is the average time to replace it. Any more than that can damage your spine.

Others believe periodically flipping their mattresses will remedy the problem; this might help for a few years, but it is not a permanent solution. Your mattress will wear down and will not be able to support your back. This can cause misalignments in your spine and back pain.

You might think that shopping for a new mattress will be easy. However, with the vast range of beds available, picking one that gives you the most benefits can be challenging. Mattresses that are too firm will not allow your muscles to relax. On the other hand, softer padded mattresses might not sufficiently support your back. You can ask the salesperson if they have beds that cater to people with back pain. You can also ask a chiropractor in Vail, CO, for some recommendations and tips when you visit them for back pain relief.

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Your Backpack or Purse

If you’re not mindful about the weight of your backpack or purse, your back will start suffering. Not only that, but your body weight is also a factor. If you like carrying heavy bags or purses on one shoulder for long periods, your shoulder muscles will be affected and cause misalignments in your body. This is also true when you carry heavy objects; you might strain and injure yourself.

What you can do is make sure your bag is not particularly heavy. Visiting a chiropractor in Vail, CO, can also help by releasing the tension in your shoulder muscles and relieving any pain you may be experiencing.

Your Couch

Another significant contributor to your spine’s misalignment is your couch. Sitting or lying down on the couch may be something you love to do; however, sitting down for too long can be dangerous to your health.

Sitting on the couch hinders your body from working properly, affecting your metabolism, energy, blood flow, and posture. A family chiropractor in Vail, CO, can help treat your back pain and bad posture. They can also recommend exercises you can do at home and other activities that can keep your body moving and active.

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Your Desk

If you have a job that requires you to sit down in front of a desk for most of the day, your back will suffer in the long run, increasing the chances of developing poor posture and back pain. Experts recommend that you stand in between hours to stretch your legs. Changing positions from time to time helps relax your back muscles and get your blood flowing. Consulting a chiropractor in Vail, CO, is another option; they can relieve your back pain and advise you on keeping active and correct your posture.

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